Elections » STEP 2: POLL CARDS


If you are registered to vote you will be sent a POLL CARD whenever an election is being held.

image[image by scattynobrain]

This tells you when the election will be and where you need to go to vote. The place where you vote is called a POLLING STATION.

You don’t have to take the poll card with you when you vote; it is just to give you information.

Keep it safe so you remember the day of the election, the location of your polling station and the hours when it is open for you to go and vote.

If you are not able to go to the polling station in person on election day you can apply to vote by post.

This funny advert is supposed to show that everyone has the time to visit a polling station!:

Point to consider: If you could vote electronically would you be more likely to vote?

Would you be more likely to vote if you could vote on the internet or by text message?