The Campaign: What Role Do You Want?

In a Mock Election there are two key teams:

1. The Candidate and Party Campaign Teams

You can have as many campaign teams as you want providing each candidate is nominated by at least 4 people.

The size of each campaign team can vary but, in addition to a candidate, it might include:


An agent

A press officer

A policy adviser (to write the manifesto)

A speech writer

2. The Election Administration Team

There is only one team and they organise the election to ensure it is free and fair.

The team needs:

An Election Returning Officer (this could be a teacher or a pupil)

Polling Clerks – a minimum of 2, but ideally 3 for each polling station (the number of polling stations you need will depend on how many classes are involved)

Counting Clerks – to verify and count the votes at the end. If necessary, Polling Clerks can double up and perform this role once the polling station(s) has closed. (Alternatively, teachers could perform this function.)

Stewards (optional) – if there are a lot of students taking part in the election these may be needed at the polling stations to control the crowds!

Pressure Groups

If you want, you could also have Pressure Group teams.

If you care about a specific policy issue but don’t want to stand for election or campaign for a particular party you could take on the role of a pressure group campaigning to influence the policy discussion.

What interests you - what do you care about? The environment? Human rights? Animal welfare? Education? Health? Poverty?

The issue will determine the focus of your campaign.

Click here to watch a BBC film about how other young people have organised political campaigns.