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World Wide Web

image by przemion

The internet is really important in politics these days, especially when it comes to young people. So why not grab voter attention on the world wide web?

Social networking sites are extremely popular with young people and politicians alike. Why not start a group online to publicise your campaign? You could set up a page on Facebook or a Twitter account specifically for your party- using these you can distribute information rapidly to a potentially large number of students.

Alternatively why not create your own website or blog? Websites can be used for publicity, information and communication. These sites can help you build your very own web page!


Sketch out your ideas before you start building the website. You need to think carefully about what you want voters to see?
Think about putting things like your manifesto, events and party information on the site. Use your logo and party colours to brighten it up.

Hot Tip: Remember, websites are great because you can keep updating them. See what the hot topics are and show voters that your party has its finger on the pulse!