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Becoming a Candidate

Anyone can stand as a candidate, as long as four other people nominate* you. Candidates need to choose which political party to stand for. Check out the Party Information section to find out about the real political parties.

Your Own Party?
If you don't think you agree that much with any of the real parties why not start your own? Once you've picked your own party you need to get together a campaign team to help you during the election. Your campaign team are really important because they will help you to...

a) decide on your policies** and aims
b) get your campaign moving and encourage other students to vote for you

Sign Up!
If you want to be a party candidate, fill in the Candidate Nomination Form and give it to the election coordinator teacher by the deadline! If your teacher hasn't given you the form yet be sure to ask for one. If more than one person wants to be the candidate, it will be up to the party members to decide who represents them.

*Nominate: to suggest or propose a candidate
**Policies: a plan of action for your party

Barack Obama announces that he will be a candidate for the United States of America Presidential Election 2008: