The Labour Party

The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party, which believes in:

  • Equality, social justice and fairness

  • A society in which everyone has the opportunity to be successful in life.

  • Strong communities where people’s rights are matched by their responsibilities to one another.

Some of the Labour Party’s priorities for building a fairer Britain and a fairer world are:

Labour believes that every young person should have an excellent education, to unlock their talent and potential. Thanks to Labour investment, we have 40,000 more teachers and 116,000 more classroom assistants than in 1997. The Education Maintenance Allowance now helps young people who might have trouble with money otherwise to stay on in education and we will guarantee everyone a place in education or training until the age of 18. More people than ever are going to university.

The NHS is the Labour Party’s greatest achievement. We created it, we saved it, we value it and we will always support it. Since 1997, Labour’s investment and reform have delivered real improvements for patients after years of neglect and underinvestment. Today, the NHS has more services and more staff, delivering faster and better quality treatment.

Ending child poverty
In 1998, the Labour government set a goal of ending child poverty in Britain within a generation. Since then we have built Sure Start Children’s Centres, made work pay with the introduction of tax credits giving the most disadvantaged parents a little extra each week, and we have given rights to parents to help them look after children whilst working. We have also ensured that all 3 and 4 year old children can access free childcare such as a nursery.

A national minimum wage
The Labour Government made sure that everyone who works is guaranteed to earn a minimum wage – before this, an employer could pay as little as they liked.

The environment
Labour believes it is important to protect our planet for future generations. In this country and abroad, we are leading action to tackle climate change. We are making Britain cleaner, greener and less polluting.

We believe in building a fairer society which puts more power in the hands of individual citizens to influence the decisions which affect them, their families and local communities. Labour set up a Youth Citizenship Commission to look at how to involve young people more actively in society and politics; this includes consulting on lowering the voting age to 16, which Labour supports.

An equal, inclusive society
The Labour party believes that everyone is of equal worth and has equal right to respect. Labour has always fought for equal rights for everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, disabilities, race, religion, belief or age.

International Development
Labour believes that it is wrong that somebody's chances in life depend on where they are born. We have made it a priority to tackle poverty, in this country and abroad. In fact, the Labour government is recognised as a world leader on international development. Since 1997, when Labour set up the Department for International Development, Britain’s aid budget has tripled.

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