About Mock Elections

This site contains all the resources required to enable your school to create the high drama, intense decision-making and mass participation of a real UK election.

Mock Elections in Schools has been run by the Hansard Society since the 1940's. Over a million pupils of all ages have taken part in the last fifteen years alone – it is one of the longest and biggest civic engagement projects for young people anywhere in the world. The Mock Elections resources are provided free to schools. This year we are running the project with support from a generous legacy donation from one of our supporters, the late Mrs Cynthia Campbell Savours.

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Mock Elections gives pupils of all age groups an insight into how the democratic process works. Students get into the campaigning spirit by running as candidates, creating manifestos, canvassing support, delivering speeches and designing campaign posters as well as casting their first votes on polling day. They also help organise and administer the election to ensure it is free and fair.

It is an active citizenship exercise and a great (and fun!) way to teach young people about elections and democracy and bring the principles and practices of our political system to life. It equips them with valuable knowledge and skills that will enable them to participate fully in future elections and fosters their ability to think critically, research issues, weigh evidence, evaluate different viewpoints, debate ideas, and take informed action.

It is an ideal vehicle for citizenship teaching, but it can also be incorporated into other classes such as IT, Art and Design, Maths, English etc.