About Mock Elections

This site contains all the resources required to enable your school to create all the high drama, intense decision-making and mass participation of a real UK election.

About Us

Y Vote Mock Elections is run by the Hansard Society. The project has received funding from the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Electoral Commission. We have been organising mock elections around the UK since the 1940's.

The Hansard Society

The Hansard Society is an independent, non-partisan educational charity, which exists to promote effective parliamentary democracy.

Our work is based on the core belief that an effective parliamentary system is central to a successful democracy. At the heart of our work is the principle that civic society is most effective when its citizens are connected with the institutions and individuals who represent them in the democratic process.

The Hansard Society’s activities, meetings and publications focus on educating people, especially the young, in how the UK Parliament and political processes work.


The Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is an independent body which aims to increase public confidence in the democratic process within the United Kingdom - and encourage people to take part - by modernising the electoral process, promoting public awareness of electoral matters, and regulating political parties. To find out more about both organisations visit their websites:


Department for Education

The Department for Education was formed on the 12th May 2010 and it took on responsibilities previously held by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. The Department is responsible for issues affecting young people in England up to the age of 19 including education and child protection.


Y Vote Mock Elections aims to actively engage students with the political, social and moral issues of the world around them by giving them the opportunity to stand as party candidates, speech writers and canvassers in a mock election. Y Vote Mock Elections gives students the opportunity to engage in a fun active citizenship exercise and provides an excellent introduction to the mechanics and issues involved in an election.

Mock Elections:
  • Provide an interactive and interesting active citizenship resource that explains the benefits of participatory democracy

  • Mirror the excitement and buzz of a real election

  • Give students a full understanding of the principles of the democratic process and the role of government and parliament

  • Provide teachers with a ready-made, accessible downloadable Y Vote Resource Pack alongside a simple registration process. The pack is flexible and can be interpreted according to the level of students’ understanding of the political process

  • Provide teachers and students with information on every type of election held in the UK

  • Help reverse the trend of voter disengagement amongst young people