What is a Mock Election ?

Recreate the excitement and drama of a real election in your school!!

Y Vote Mock Elections actively engage students with the political, social and moral issues that concern them by giving them the opportunity to stand as party candidates, speech writers and canvassers in a mock election. Students voice their opinions by engaging in a fun active citizenship exercise which provides an excellent introduction to the mechanics and issues involved in an election.

Check the upcoming Mock Election: London Mayoral Election

How to run a Mock Election

1. Register your school
You can register your school for free by visiting the Elections section. Your school will be placed on our map, you will receive support and additional resources and your school will be included in our national results.
2. Run your mock election
Visit the Teachers section and choose the type of mock election that suits you. Follow through the simple steps and download resources and templates as required. Alternatively you can download the whole pack if you would prefer to take away a paper version.
3. Submit your results
Submit your results in the Elections section and compare them with other schools. Tell us about your election and send us your photos - we can host on this website!

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