11th of May

2015 General Election

Schools involved: 160

Total Voters: 74343

You can join this election by Monday, 11th of May 2015, if you register to Mock Elections

On Thursday 7th May voters will go to the polls to elect 650 new MPs across the UK. As the tightest election battle for years dominates the news, young people across the country will have their say as they get involved in the excitement and drama of Mock Elections in Schools, preparing to cast their vote for the candidate and party of their choice. Register your school result by 10pm on Monday 11th May. The national result will be announced later in the week.

You can join this election by Monday, 11th of May 2015, if you register to Mock Elections

Schools participating

  • Simon Langton Girls Grammar School

    Constituency: Canterbury

    Voters: 934

  • Adel Primary School

    Constituency: Leeds North West

    Voters: 60

  • Ardingley Prep School

    Constituency: Horsham

    Voters: 558

  • Alma Primary

    Constituency: Finchley & Golders Green

    Voters: 60

  • Bristol Grammar School

    Constituency: Bristol West


  • Denstone College

    Constituency: Burton

    Voters: 336

  • Belfast Royal Academy Election 2

    Constituency: Belfast North

    Voters: 393

  • Belfast Royal Academy Election 1

    Constituency: Belfast North

    Voters: 393

  • Beis Malka Girls School

    Constituency: Hackney North & Stoke Newington

    Voters: 159

  • Aylsham High School

    Constituency: Broadland

    Voters: 769

  • Ballard School

    Constituency: New Forest West

    Voters: 324

  • Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School

    Constituency: Rossendale & Darwen

    Voters: 733

  • Avalon School


    Voters: 136

  • Bishop Vesey's Grammar School

    Constituency: Sutton Coalfield

    Voters: 456

  • Blundell's School

    Constituency: Tiverton and Honiton

    Voters: 526

  • Bishop Ramsey School

    Constituency: Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner


  • Blackheath High

    Constituency: Greenwich & Woolwich

    Voters: 268

  • Brookfield Community School (Derbyshire)

    Constituency: Chesterfield

    Voters: 391

  • Brookfield Community School

    Constituency: Fareham


  • Brighton and Hove High School

    Constituency: Brighton Pavilion

    Voters: 332

  • Bolton School

    Constituency: Bolton North East

    Voters: 665

  • Eppleby Forcett Primary School

    Constituency: Richmond

    Voters: 39

  • Collingwood College

    Constituency: Surrey Heath

    Voters: 907

  • Broadway Academy

    Constituency: Birmingham Ladywood

    Voters: 495

  • Carisbrooke & Medina Colleges

    Constituency: Isle of Wight


  • Bradfield College

    Constituency: Newbury

    Voters: 916

  • Frederick Bremer School

    Constituency: Walthamstow

    Voters: 352

  • Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College

    Constituency: Brent Central

    Voters: 569

  • Nottingham High School

    Constituency: Nottingham East

    Voters: 646

  • Gosforth Junior High Academy

    Constituency: Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central

    Voters: 200

  • Norwich School

    Constituency: Norwich South

    Voters: 445

  • Chigwell School

    Constituency: Epping Forest

    Voters: 268

  • Horris Hill


    Voters: 120

  • Dame Allan's School

    Constituency: Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central

    Voters: 389

  • The Weald School

    Constituency: Horsham

    Voters: 819

  • Sibford School

    Constituency: Banbury

    Voters: 202

  • Langtree School

    Constituency: Henley

    Voters: 360

  • College of Richard Collyer

    Constituency: Horsham

    Voters: 9

  • Hele’s School

    Constituency: South West Devon

    Voters: 206

  • Cranleigh School

    Constituency: Guildford

    Voters: 548

  • Kingsley Academy

    Constituency: Brentford and Isleworth

    Voters: 626

  • Clifton College

    Constituency: Bristol West

    Voters: 689

  • Fairlands Middle School

    Constituency: North Somerset

    Voters: 396

  • St Joan of Arc Catholic School

    Constituency: South West Hertfordshire

    Voters: 819

  • Co-operative Academy of Manchester

    Constituency: Manchester Central

    Voters: 288

  • St Cuthbert Mayne School

    Constituency: Torbay

    Voters: 643

  • St John Fisher Catholic High School

    Constituency: Peterborough

    Voters: 700

  • Dauntsey's

    Constituency: Devizes

    Voters: 790

  • Lancaster Girls' Grammar School

    Constituency: Lancaster and Fleetwood

    Voters: 477

  • South Wirral High School

    Constituency: Wallasey

    Voters: 829

  • Marlborough College Malaysia


    Voters: 275

  • Bede's School


    Voters: 505

  • Wickham Common Primary School

    Constituency: Beckenham

    Voters: 387

  • Limpsfield Grange School

    Constituency: East Surrey

    Voters: 70

  • Devonport High School for Boys

    Constituency: Plymouth, Sutton and Devenport

    Voters: 729

  • Dame Alice Owen's School

    Constituency: Hertsmere

    Voters: 1227

  • Liskeard School and Community College

    Constituency: South East Cornwall

    Voters: 776

  • Liskeard School and Community College

    Constituency: South East Cornwall

    Voters: 776

  • Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan

    Constituency: Clywd West

    Voters: 1000

  • Hardenhuish School

    Constituency: Chippenham

    Voters: 637

  • Earl Mortimer College

    Constituency: North Herefordshire

    Voters: 235

  • St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

    Constituency: North Swindon

    Voters: 31

  • Herschel Grammar School

    Constituency: Slough

    Voters: 651

  • Childwall Sports and Science Academy

    Constituency: Stourbridge

    Voters: 419

  • Childwall Sports and Science Academy

    Constituency: Stourbridge

    Voters: 419

  • Arden College, Stationers' Crown Woods Academy

    Constituency: Eltham

    Voters: 63

  • Swinton Community School

    Constituency: Rotherham

    Voters: 900

  • The Hollins Technology College

    Constituency: Hyndburn

    Voters: 145

  • The Cotswold School

    Constituency: Cheltenham and Amersham

    Voters: 1240

  • The King's School Grantham

    Constituency: Grantham and Stamford

    Voters: 1000

  • Bay House School & Sixth Form

    Constituency: Gosport

    Voters: 2182

  • The Petchey Academy

    Constituency: Hackney North and Stoke Newington

    Voters: 1000

  • Cynffig Comprehensive School

    Constituency: Bridgend

    Voters: 184

  • Bedford Modern School

    Constituency: Bedford

    Voters: 800

  • Bedford Modern School

    Constituency: Bedford

    Voters: 816

  • College of Richard Collyer

    Constituency: Tiverton and Honiton

    Voters: 526

  • Manor School Sports College

    Constituency: Corby

    Voters: 890

  • Twynham School

    Constituency: Christchurch

    Voters: 894

  • Congleton High School

    Constituency: Congleton

    Voters: 148

  • Mackie Academy

    Constituency: West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

    Voters: 512

  • Sedbergh School

    Constituency: Westmorland and Lonsdale

    Voters: 400

  • Forest School

    Constituency: Walthamstow

    Voters: 822

  • Merchant Taylors'

    Constituency: South West Hertfordshire

    Voters: 889

  • King Alfred School

    Constituency: Finchley and Golders Green

    Voters: 350

  • Cheshunt School

    Constituency: Broxbourne

    Voters: 500

  • Thorp Academy

    Constituency: Blaydon

    Voters: 175

  • Ferring CE primary school

    Constituency: Arundel and South Downs

    Voters: 30

  • Malvern St James Girls' School

    Constituency: West Worcestershire

    Voters: 291

  • The Morley Academy

    Constituency: Morley and Outwood

    Voters: 1500

  • Godfrey Ermen Memorial Primary School

    Constituency: Salford and Eccles

    Voters: 28

  • Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth 1st 6th Form College

    Constituency: Leicester South

    Voters: 788

  • St Helen and St Katharine

    Constituency: Oxford West and Abingdon

    Voters: 700

  • The Hathershaw College

    Constituency: Oldham West and Royton

    Voters: 953

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